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In 2023, the JEP group of independent power plants generated over 1 million megawatt hours of energy.

Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) commenced operations in September 1995, through its ownership of the Doctor Bird Power Plant. The company is currently the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Jamaica. JEP owns and operates two power barges, Doctor Bird I and Doctor Bird II, with outputs of 74.2 MW and 50.2 MW respectively; or a combined output of 124.4 MW. Doctor Bird II’s generating capacity was added in March 2006, and this barge is located approximately 300 yards from the original.

Doctor Bird Power Station

JEP’s affiliate company, West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP), is a land-based, 65.5 MW Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) power plant located in the Western Kingston area. Arguably one of the most beautiful plants in Jamaica, it is now home to our head office, which was previously located in New Kingston. Additionally, Jamaica Energy Partners now manages the Jamaica Private Power Company (JPPC), a 60MW power plant located in Rockfort, Kingston. JPPC, which is also an Independent Power Provider (IPP). JPPC utilizes slow-speed diesel generators and HFO to produce electricity for sale to the grid.

West Kingston Power Partners

Jamaica Private Power Company

With the introduction of WKPP in July 2012 and the acquisition of JPPC in March 2019, JEP’s total generating capacity has increased to approximately 250 MW, making the company one of the major suppliers of electricity in Jamaica. In fact, among the three facilities, JEP, JPPC and WKPP supply approximately 40% of the energy requirements of the national grid. JEP, JPPC and WKPP are owned by the InterEnergy Group.

Our Mission

We commit to producing energy in the most cost-efficient manner and the highest standard of service to our customers, ensuring delivery in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We are ready to supply Jamaica’s growing energy needs, utilizing the competencies of our staff and fellow citizens. We pride ourselves in being good corporate citizens, fully engaged in community development by way of partnerships through education, sports and health initiatives.


For more than thirty years, InterEnergy has powered people and cities across the Caribbean and Latin America. The energy conglomerate has 2.1 GW of installed, available and in development capacity, providing reliable, cost-effective, clean energy to the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica, Chile and Uruguay. The group’s Chairman and CEO is L. Rolando Gonzales Bunster. He founded Basic Energy (Bahamas), the predecessor to InterEnergy. In addition to overseeing the management of all group operating companies, he led all significant aspects of the project development, financing and the relationship with governments and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). 

Leadership Team

The Jamaica Energy Partners group’s leadership team comprises a first-class 100% Jamaican team of energy
development and management specialists with 150 years of combined experience in the energy industry. Over the past
25 years, we have successfully developed, constructed and operated both land and sea-based power generating facilities
which represent 20.3% of Jamaica’s installed energy generation capacity.

Supporting Managers

Mr Conrad Miller

Director, Engineering Services

Ms Ann Douglas

Director, Finance

Mr Kevin Francis

Director, Strategic Planning, Facilities & IT

Ms Melissa Newman

Director, Corporate Affairs, Shared Values & Marketing

Mr Lloyd Peak

Director, Quality & Compliance

Our Vision

#1 provider of cost-efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly energy solutions.


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