Blue Mahoe Seedlings Planted at Holywell

On the 10th anniversary of our annual tree-planting activities, Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) group returned in 2020 to the site of our first effort to renew and protect our natural environment through the planting of trees – Holywell Recreational Park.

Armed with two-hundred Blue Mahoe seedlings provided by the Forestry Department, thirty-five employees across each affiliate power plant, tertiary scholarship recipients and a team from Holywell Recreational Park busily replanted seedlings in observance of National Tree Planting Day 2020. Blue Mahoe trees which are indigenous to Jamaica, will have a great environmental impact on regulating climate, cleaning the air, providing shelter and protect biodiversity, intercept and filter waters as well as improve our health.

Last year we planted a variety of seedlings at an adopted site nearby the Hermitage Dam. Corporate Responsibility Manager, Melissa Newman says “JEP group prides itself on being socially responsible stewards and makes the yearly effort to engage in environmental initiatives to preserve and protect Jamaica’s natural resources. Propelled by the Forestry Department’s 2020 theme ‘Healthy Trees, Healthy You – Plant a Tree Today’, we galvanized volunteers and observed socially-distant protocols while playing our part in renewing the island’s natural biodiversity.”

As of 2020, the reforestation efforts of the JEP group are in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals of ‘good health and well-being’, ‘life on land’ and ‘climate action’ with almost 3,000 trees planted.


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