Breast Cancer Patients Get Pampered, Boxes of Hope

For this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Jamaica Energy Partners Group wanted to do more to show support for individuals afflicted with the disease, in addition to donating money to the Jamaica Cancer Society. 
Understanding the rigors of treatment and the toll that it takes on the body (mentally and physically), we wanted to let a few women know that in the midst of it all, we are here for them. 
As such, we partnered with the Bella Oasis Day Spa to pamper three women and partnered with the Jamaica Hope Institute to give 35 outpatients, a “box of hope”, in a bid to make them as comfortable as they can during treatment, restore their hopes and overall to empower them knowing that they can win the fight!
During our handover exercise, Director of Nursing Services at the Hope Institute, Adella Hibbert stated how grateful she was seeing her patients’ reaction to being gifted by JEP.
“I am really happy. I feel good for the patients. A lot of times the patients come here and they are down. I watched a patient today showing off her gift to the doctors – she’s really elated and that makes me feel good”, noted Hibbert.
At the same time, our message of hope was also extended to staff as part of our month-long campaign. Reiterating the importance of early detection under the theme, “Check It, Treat It Defeat It”, we engaged staff with our “wings of hope” stations, encouraging them to take selfies to show that their support of the cause and the fight against breast cancer. We also continued to educate and equip them with the knowledge to preach the message that early detection is key and that this disease does not have to be a death sentence.


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