Committed to Community Health

The social capital of our neighbouring communities represents the heart of the areas in which we reside, and the basis of our robust Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio.

Catering to the health of our communities has been a top priority for Jamaica Energy Partners — a long-standing commitment to our people, which promises them access to health care at no cost to them.

Today, medical services are either unattainable or expensive. Persons have to been buckling under the increased pressures on our health system as the novel coronavirus continues to disrupt livelihoods and freedom. It has been a long three months of trying to adapt to the new normal, which has many concerned about their health — whether they can afford it or still gain access to the services they need.

As such, the Group decided that despite the pandemic, we must re-strategize to support our communities amid such despair. On June 12, Jamaica Energy Partners will host its annual Health and Wellness Fair. The event, which usually serves over 300 residents, will provide medical consultations for 120 persons by appointment only. Scheduled appointments will ensure the safety of our stakeholders and comply with the strict physical distancing stipulations implemented by the health authorities/Government of Jamaica.

The JEP Group will continue to support and assist as much as possible and salutes the doctors, nurses and everyone working assiduously to keep us safe and informed. We understand that even amid such vulnerable times, it’s critical to maintain meaningful relationships across all sectors and proffer a helping hand to members of our extended family.

Each year residents look forward to free general medicals, which include blood pressure, cholesterol, haemoglobin and BMI testing, pap smears, vision screening, immunizations, HIV testing, dental and family planning services. The JEP Group offers these services for free annually not only to assist residents with treating known medical ailments but also for doctors to detect abnormalities or diagnose new conditions, often chronic. Old Harbour Bay and Western Kingston 2019 studies relieved that 75% and 82% respectively had no medical condition since 2014.


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