Over 6,000 pieces of plastics and other debris collected on Beach Cleanup Day

Under the theme, “Sea the Change”, the JEP Group executed its annual beach cleanup exercise at Sirgany Beach in Rockfort on International Coastal Cleanup Day. Over eighty volunteers, including staff and scholarship recipients, united to collect over 6,000 pieces of plastics and other garbage from the beach. 
The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is the island’s International Coastal Cleanup Day coordinator, providing execution guidelines for over one hundred (100) organisations annually. For over twenty-five years, the Company has been an avid supporter of JET by serving in multiple capacities, which includes supporting public awareness for environmental preservation. JEP also holds a seat on the Board of Directors.
We are proud to be associated with this global movement and to contribute to the sustainability of our beaches and marine life. Thank you to all volunteers, and we laud you for your commitment to the environment.


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