JEP Group’s Impactful Holiday Donations

The Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) Group, through our recent cancer awareness campaign and the successful Rayz for Life 5K, has raised over two million dollars! The proceeds from this fundraising effort will go a long way in supporting vital initiatives at the Hope Institute and Kingston Public Hospital. 

In a show of community support, Jamaica Private Power Company (JPPC), under the stewardship of the JEP Group, has also made a generous contribution to the Windward Road Health Centre.

Jamaica Energy Partners Group Director of Corporate Affairs, Shared Values, and Marketing, Melissa Newman stands alongside health professionals at the Hope Institute as she presents a generous donation of $500,000 towards advancing cancer research.

Corporate Social Responsibility Officers Moya Mullings-Whyte and Rashelle Muir proudly deliver a significant donation of 1.7 million dollars to Kingston Public Hospital. The funds are earmarked for acquiring essential equipment in the Oncology unit.

Rashelle Muir, JEP Group Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, is joined by Winward Road Health Centre doctors and nurses as she hands over a substantial donation of 1.5 million dollars. These funds will contribute to the development of a new and improved ulcer treatment area.


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