Evergo Jamaica Charges Up GB-Energy Texaco, Jamaica Inn

Big things are happening for Evergo Jamaica as they recently commissioned charging stations at Texaco, Ironshore in Montego Bay, and at the luxury hotel, Jamaica Inn in St Ann.

These partnerships are a step in the right direction and signal that Jamaicans are ready for the electric movement, which will create a significant shift in the transportation sector.

“We know and understand that the changes will not happen overnight. But with our framework and the building of formidable partnerships, we will achieve our ultimate mission: to create a network that allows you to charge your electric vehicle, anytime, anywhere, sustainably,” said General Manager, Evergo, Kevin Francis.

Evergo is the largest, most sophisticated platform for electric vehicle charging stations in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores, enabling persons to consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, reserve, and pay through a virtual wallet before charging.

Want to be updated on everything Evergo? Stay tuned as Evergo Jamaica will be launching its very own newsletter soon. In the meantime, follow them on social media @Evergo_Jamaica.


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