From Theory to Hands-on Experience: Twenty At-Risk Youth Advance in JEP Group Community Intervention Programme

If you know about the reality of those who live in our neighbouring communities, you know that many do not receive the opportunities they deserve to excel due to crime and violence, poverty and limited access to education. In September, the Jamaica Energy Partners Group said yes to twenty youngsters from Eastern and Western Kingston and promised to transform their minds and lives.
Today, the CSR committee is proud to announce that these young men have advanced to the apprenticeship stage of the JEP Group USAID Local Partner Develop Community Intervention Programme. The cohort has already completed the electrical and mechanical engineering courses and the behaviour modification and life skills training sessions. In addition, the men are currently gaining hands-on experience at WKPP and JPPC, performing various plant operations and maintenance exercises.
OShane White, one of 20 young men currently enrolled in the programme, expressed gratitude for what he described as the “life-changing” opportunity he was given. White, who spoke at the ceremonial signing of grants between Local Partner Development and other private sector partners at their , also noted that in addition to learning electrical engineering, he has benefitted from the behaviour modification component, which has helped him acquire interpersonal and anger management skills.
“Thanks in advance to the USAID and JEP for the opportunity to change our lives and have a new perspective on life”, said White.


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