Interenergy Chairman Champions Renewables at DR-Jamaica Business Forum

González Bunster speaking at the second Dominican Republic- Jamaica Business Forum held at the AC Mariott Hotel in St. Andrew

Rolando González Bunster, chairman of Interenergy, ignited fervour among attendees at the second Dominican Republic—Jamaica Business Forum, rallying support for Jamaica’s renewable energy ambitions. With unwavering conviction, González Bunster outlined Interenergy’s (parent company of Jamaica Energy Partners Group) pivotal role in driving the nation towards a sustainable future. “We are firm believers in Jamaica – the present and the future. Jamaica is the jewel of the Caribbean, and we are committed to being an integral part of its progress. That’s why soon we will be announcing quite a bit of additional investing, especially in the area of renewables”, stated González Bunster.González Bunster speaking at the second Dominican Republic- Jamaica Business Forum held at the AC Mariott Hotel in St. Andrew.

Reflecting on the evolution of the energy landscape, González Bunster underscored the importance of renewable energy sources in mitigating environmental impact. Describing it as a “metamorphosis”, the chairman stated that with calls for renewable energy, it is the “perfect transition” for power generation.

However, he cautioned about the complexities involved, emphasising the need for renewable sources to be supplemented with clean energy baseload for grid stability.

“The current technology doesn’t allow for 100% reliance on renewables. We cannot ignore baseload power, particularly as an island nation, for times when solar or wind energy isn’t available. We need sufficient backup to replace the energy generated by renewables fully”, González Bunster explained.

Joining González Bunster from left: JEP Group’s President & CEO, Dr. Wayne McKenzie; Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, Daryl Vaz; Angie Martínez, the Dominican Republic ambassador to Jamaica; Al Edwards, CEO of Ramble Media Group.

He also shared insights into Interenergy’s pioneering efforts in the Dominican Republic with wind and solar power generation, overcoming bureaucratic hurdles to realise its vision. He noted their ambitious CEPM Zero initiative, aiming for zero emissions through a billion-dollar investment in renewable energy infrastructure by the decade’s end. Drawing parallels with the Dominican experience, he highlighted JEP Group’s journey from modest beginnings to becoming Jamaica’s largest private energy generator, boasting a capacity of 250 MW. Now, with eyes set on cleaner energy, JEP Group, and, by extension, Jamaica, is well-positioned to serve as a global example of sustainable energy practices.

Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, Daryl Vaz engages Interenergy’s Chairman Rolando González Bunster (centre) and JEP Group’s President & CEO, Dr Wayne McKenzie (left) at the DR-Jamaica Business Forum.

Moreover, González Bunster expressed further benefits of renewable energy sources, such as their creation of resilience and cost stability, contrasting them with the volatility of traditional fuel prices affected by geopolitical conflicts and, in the face of natural disasters, ensuring overall energy security.

As Jamaica strives to achieve its renewable energy targets outlined in the National Energy Policy, Interenergy, through the JEP Group, remains committed to transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, whether through participation in the Government’s request for proposals or through mergers and acquisitions of other assets.


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