Jamaica’s First Ever ‘Appointment Only’ Health Fair

Comparable to every business, the novel coronavirus struck with a unique set of challenges, which nonetheless, inspired the CSR team to respond with a pioneering approach to continue to achieve its community engagement, development and sustainability goals.

In June 2020, Jamaica Energy Partners executed the island’s first-ever ‘appointment only’ health and wellness fair for the residents of Old Harbour Bay. Jamaica Private Power company followed suit with its inaugural staging in July and West Kingston Power Partners in August. Two weeks before each event, the company’s CSR team, with the assistance of community representatives/leaders registered hundreds of residents, by issuing one 15-minute interval time slot per person, to assist with crowd control.

“This new ‘appointment only’ plan of action is a controlled way of how we execute our health fairs during the pandemic, to mitigate the risk of our people contracting the COVID-19 infection. It also did not really affect our numbers and has allowed us to be more efficient, increasing the patient processing time and decreasing wait-time. Most of the doctors that work with us are persons who the company has awarded scholarships; this is their way of giving back, and they have done a tremendous job. They remain committed to offering their services every year, even if it means taking a no-pay day from work. We congratulate them and would like to thank them for that support.” – President and CEO of the Jamaica Energy Partners Group, Wayne McKenzie, OD.

The strategy also supported adherence to social distancing practices among residents, doctors and volunteers. All doctors were outfitted with personal protective gears, including gowns, gloves, face shields and masks. Before entry, persons were subject to mandatory temperature checks and hand sanitizing and had further access to the multiple sanitizing stations on-site. All venues had proper COVID-19 safety signage throughout, and no one could enter without a mask.


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