JEP Augments Jamaica Society for the Blind Computer Lab with CPU Donation

At the Jamaica Energy Partners Group, we strive to reduce inequalities in every facet of life. Therefore, we could not ignore the request for assistance from the Jamaica Society for the Blind (JSB) to improve their computer laboratory.
Although a usual beneficiary of our charitable efforts, with 2021 being no exception, we understood JSB’s need for additional help to strengthen their educational pursuits and opportunities for a group already marginalized by society. We were, therefore, more than happy to hand over the CPUs they needed to enhance their lab.
The presentation of the devices also happened at an opportune time as it took place on International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The commemorative day highlights that people living with disabilities are among the most affected populations, especially amid the pandemic.
Our donation aligns with our goal to diminish the challenges faced by these individuals, creating more opportunities for them to succeed.


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