JEP Celebrates With Montego Bay Marine Park 29 Years of Preserving the Environment

“Conserving and restoring the coastal resources of Montego Bay for the maximum sustainable benefit to traditional users, the community and the nation” is the mission of the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP). Located by the breathtaking Montego Bay Pier, the local NGO actualises these goals through programmes for public education, financial support, monitoring and interpretive enforcement.
But how do non-profit organizations like MBMP stay afloat? Annually, these entities have to rely on donor relations, which include the benevolence of companies like Jamaica Energy Partners, to accomplish their business goals and sustain payroll. For over 20 years, JEP has been a friend to MBMP through quarterly donations aimed at protecting the environment. What a partnership!
On June 5, 2021, Montego Bay Marine Park commemorated 29 years of preserving life below water. The Park participated in the following activities in honour of this milestone:
  • Reef Awareness (to promote life underwater and the benefits of reefs)
  • World Environment Day (Old Hospital Beach Clean-up, partnering with Circle K)
  • Online Quiz Competition (to promote awareness further)
  • Magrove Clean-up and Replanting Day (along the Freeport main road)
To learn more, check our their social media page, @montegobay_marinepark or Home | Montego Bay Marine Park


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