JEP Continues to Support the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP)

In March, JEP renewed its sponsorship commitment to the Montego Bay Marine Park to aid with operational and campaign expenses for the current year. In 2022, JEP supported the Park’s successful completion of 114 patrols, 28 boat tours, and numerous campaigns, which exposed 400 visitors to various environmental campaigns about the importance of marine life. 
MBMP focuses on improving the health of the reefs, beaches, and coastal areas by conserving the principal reef custodian, the Parrotfish. Parrotfish are integral to a healthy marine environment as they help to clean the harmful algae on the reefs. 
Additionally, they help to balance a healthy ecosystem and safeguard the reefs and the marine life within the environs. Consequently, the reefs protect coastal regions and prevent coastal erosion. Notably, the Parrotfish produce white sand, contributing to beaches and clear waters, Jamaica’s number one tourism product. JEP anticipates a continued partnership with the environmental NGO to fulfil its environmental mandate while promoting, preserving and protecting our natural and most valuable resources. 


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