JEP Donates Tablets to Charlemont High

As the island’s leading private power producer, Jamaica Energy Partners Group, continues to embark on projects in an effort to eliminate the digital divide exacerbated by COVID-19. Representatives including President & CEO, Wayne McKenzie, OD, and the group’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Cecil Gordon, presented the Charlemont High School’s administration with twenty-five tablets for students affected by the harsh technological realities of the pandemic.

Founded in 1978, Charlemont High School is the past alma mater of both C-Suite executives, who remain invested in its advancement. This month, Jamaica Energy Partners earmarked over J$200,000, which was subsequently matched by the CEO and CTO, to afford students increased access to virtual learning in the absence of face-to-face classes.
Charlemont has over 1,500 students, and as stated by CTO, Cecil Gordon, in his address at the handover earlier today, more help is coming: “We understand that there is a need for these devices. As such, since the latter part of 2020, Wayne and I have been working with other Charlemont High School alumni to plan a fundraising event slated for February. We are in the process of galvanizing as much support as possible to augment the 25 tablets provided today.”

The past student cohort, also known as ‘eagles’, includes members of the diaspora who are always trying to reach out and lend a helping hand. “We are thrilled to assist this school which has offered us so much; it’s as easy as that. The institution has given us a foundation – molded me to succeed in my present capacity as CTO, and has also shaped Wayne, who is now the head of the largest independent power provider in Jamaica,” – the Chief Technical Officer, Cecil Gordon, beamed.

Acting Principal of the school, Ms. Jennifer Gidden, expressed gratitude for the timely donation:
“We appreciate these gifts and grateful to the Jamaica Energy Partners Group for investing in our student’s educational well-being. Charlemont has a lot to offer, and I am proud of the students who love their school very much” – Acting Principal, Charlemont High School.

At the Jamaica Energy Partners Group, education is a pivotal facet of the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Portfolio. We believe that our youth are vital to Jamaica’s future and possess dreams and ideas that can make a difference in our society. The group also contributes to driving change by incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) with its CSR objectives.

Through its contribution to Goal #4, titled ‘Quality Education’, the company hopes that its efforts will continue to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (retrieved from on 19/1/21).


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