JEP Group Commemorates Almost 9 Years of Community Health & Wellness

We recently concluded our health and dental fair series, which positively impacted the lives of nearly 1,000 residents from West/East Kingston and Old Harbour Bay. For almost a decade, JEP Group has been catering to the wellness needs of these residents at no cost to them.
JEP Group is steadfastly upholding its commitment to community upliftment. Our President and CEO, Dr Wayne McKenzie, OD, emphasised the intrinsic importance of safeguarding physical and mental well-being, especially in the face of current challenges.
“At JEP Group, the health of our internal and external stakeholders is fundamental to our mission. We aspired to achieve even more this year, and our resounding success speaks for itself,” he said.
Strategic partnerships forged for this year’s endeavour were central to this initiative’s success, with sponsorship from Lasco Jamaica, who provided non-perishable items and beverages to our residents, and Kirk Distributors, who donated dental hygiene products. Collaborating institutions included Sagicor Life and Health, National Insurance Scheme, Prescription Plus, Family Planning Jamaica, Registrar General Department (RGD), Kingston and St Catherine Public Health Department, Courts Optical, Ministry of Health (Jamaica Moves), Excelsior Community College, Victoria Mutual among others.
JEP Group’s dynamic commitment to community well-being remains a beacon of hope, proving that even in challenging times, unity and collective effort can drive positive change.
With an eye toward the future, Dr McKenzie affirmed the Group’s vision to expand the health fair series, reaching more Jamaicans who may lack access to these essential services.
“Our aim is to serve those who may either lack the means or awareness to prioritise their health. Through sustained efforts, we seek to create lasting impact,” he remarked.
A big thank you to our doctors, sponsors, partners, volunteers and all who contributed to ensuring the success of the fairs – we appreciate you!


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