JEP Group Committed to the Cancer Movement – Launch 2-Month Long Prostate/Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Prostate Cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among Jamaican adult males. 304 per 100,000 men in Jamaica will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Additionally, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among Jamaican women. Approximately one in 21 Jamaican women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Moreover, though rare, men can get breast cancer too.
This is why every year, we join the fight! To educate our people about the disease and how to prevent it, debunk myths, help dispel fears about testing, and communicate that there is hope during and after cancer. And most importantly that we at the JEP Group will support those battling the disease in any way we can.
2022 meant approaching prostate and breast cancer awareness a little differently. The CSR team decided to celebrate both cancers over the two months (September and October). They kick-started the campaign by tastefully draping the admin offices with pink and blue fabric. Next was our Whip Off/Baking Competition. Men from each JEP Group power plant (JEP/WKPP/JPPC) and Evergo Jamaica accepted the challenge to see who could bake the best blue-themed cake! Congratulations to our winners from JEP/Doctor Bird Power Station – Raj Turner and Marlon Thomas, on their blue Chocolate Manilla cake.
The team also launched a football competition starring 33 of the JEP Group’s most talented players, representing their teams in different shades of blue. The teams include WKPP’s Elite Strikers, JPPC’s Turbine FC and Barge United. The final match happened on October 5, which commenced with a penalty shootout between Barge United and JPPC’s Turbine FC to decide which team would join Elite Strikers since both teams tied on goal difference and points. 
To conclude Prostate Cancer Awareness month, the CSR Department engaged the men in our neighbouring communities to educate them about the disease and continue to help dispel the fear around prostate cancer testing. Fostering healthier communities is a vital part of all we do. Therefore, the team arranged free prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening for men in Old Harbour Bay, Western Kingston, and Eastern Kingston. Almost 90 men benefited from this initiative, and if any of them received an abnormally high PSA level, they would be referred to a Urologist. 
Stay tuned for what’s in store for Breast Cancer Awareness this month!


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