The living, learning, and working conditions of three institutions were significantly improved over the Labour Day weekend, courtesy of the Jamaica Energy Partners Group. Annually, we assess the needs of the communities where the plants exist to see how efforts can be directly impactful.
This year, after multiple assessments, the Group decided to get their hands dirty with the Yadel Children’s Home in Old Harbour, St Catherine; North Street Congregational Primary School in West Kingston and the Rollington Town Fire Station in East Kingston. The projects happened concurrently.
For Yadel, an all-girls home, in addition to beautifying the space with tiling, painting, and planting trees, JEP also decided to donate and install perimeter lighting to ensure the safety and security of the seventeen girls, aged 12- 18, who board there. Comfort was also considered when sections of the dormitories were wired with lights to make the at-home learning experience comfortable for the young ladies to do their assignments and reading.
Education is paramount to the JEP Group as it is one of the pillars that form part of our Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio. Equally important are the physical conditions students are forced to learn in. The North Street Congregational Primary School was identified as being in dire need of painting, mould treatment, and other infrastructural improvements. Despite being located directly in the middle of warring communities in West Kingston, staff, in collaboration with community members and various churches, contributed to the major facelift that the school desperately needed. 
“Due to the extensive nature of this project, we are sure that when the teachers and students return to school, they’ll see an environment conducive to teaching and learning. This would not have been possible without our staff and community members who came together to achieve the goal,” said JEP’s President and CEO, Wayne McKenzie, OD.
The camaraderie was also extended to the Rollington Town Fire Station. The conditions in which the firefighters were working were less than ideal, and as such, men and women assigned to the station, along with JEP staff, worked together to enhance the institution with painting and planting of trees.
“The cracks in the systems have become more evident and we cannot only rely on the Government as everyone has a role they can and should play. It is our hope that with this work done, it will boost staff morale,” added JEP’s President and CEO.
He continued, “We are not only about ensuring that we provide cheap and clean energy to Jamaica, but we are also in the business of promoting the growth of our citizens. I am proud to be a part of all three Labour Day projects, as they represent our unwavering commitment to developing our communities and by extension, our nation.” 
The renovation of the fire station comes on the heels of the Group’s donation of plumbing and toilet supplies to the institution in April. For over two decades, Labour Day has been a fundamental part of the JEP Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Portfolio. Both projects had a total cost of almost J$3,000,000.00.


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