JEP Group gives KPH, Blackwood Gardens Basic School a facelift!

Students at the Blackwood Gardens Basic School and patients who visit the Renal Unit at Kingston Public Hospital are now benefitting from the renovations conducted over the Labour Day weekend, thanks to the Jamaica Energy Partners Group!
Labour Day has been a fundamental part of our CSR Portfolio for over two decades. Annually we assess the needs of our neighbouring communities to see how efforts can be directly impactful. This year, the Blackwood Gardens Basic School in Old Harbour Bay was in dire need of painting and other minor repairs.
Knowing that basic schools rely heavily on school fees that parents often neglect to pay and equally understand their economic realities, JEP decided to help ease the burden by making their space more appealing, comfortable, and conducive for learning.
With health and education being two of the major pillars in the Group’s CSR portfolio, Jamaica’s oldest public hospital, KPH, was also selected to receive a facelift – specifically the Renal Unit. During the assessment, we recognised that the building which hosts the facility used to treat almost 100 patients suffering from kidney-related ailments required additional work. Therefore, in addition to the painting, we arranged for the restoration of the drywall structures, mould treatments and the construction of a covered walkway for patient access during adverse weather conditions.
The renovation of KPH comes on the heels of the Group’s donation to the Haemodialysis Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies and exactly a month before their four-day health and dental fair that will serve 1000 patients to supplement the services of the nation’s public hospital.


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