JEP Group Plants 2100 Trees!

On Saturday, October 2, 2021, in honour of National Tree Planting Day, a team of almost 50 JEP Group employees and scholarship recipients planted a whopping 2,100 Cedar and Jamaican Mahogany seedlings at our newly acquired 2.5 hectares of land in the Blue Mountain 2 Forest Reserve.
The exercise, which was in partnership with the National Forestry Department ‘Adopt a Hillside’ Programme, had a total investment of over J$1.7 million dollars!
The trees, which are indigenous to Jamaica, will protect the fauna and flora in the area while reducing the island’s carbon footprint and purifying the air – a means of combatting climate change for an overall sustainable environment. The planted trees will be maintained and nurtured by the National Forestry Department for the next three years. After that period, we expect the trees to be sustainable on their own.
We were even commended by Senior Director at the National Forestry Department, Davia Carty, for consistently participating in tree planting activities – kudos to us!


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