JEP Group Saves Close to 200 Lives Through Annual Blood Drives

In the true spirit of Christmas, the JEP Group gave the ultimate gift this holiday season – the gift of life, and saved 200 lives in the process.
In collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Service, the Group undertook its annual Christmas Blood Drive series under the theme “Give the Gift of Life” and implored staff members to be a part of the lifesaving process.
“As the good corporate citizens that we are, this initiative was a no-brainer, and for that reason, no matter the climate or challenges we may face, a project of this nature will always be included in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio. We understand the unpredictability of life and the magnitude and far-reaching implications should there be a shortage of blood. Moreover, we know that a unit donated can save up to three lives, and you never know when you, or someone you love, may need blood. And for those who selflessly gave, not for themselves or their families but to save the life of some stranger in an accident or a mother giving birth or for whatever reason, I am expressing gratitude to you all”, said President and CEO of the JEP Group, Wayne McKenzie, O.D.
Applauding our commitment and continued support was Assistant Blood Donor Organizer at the Blood Bank, Keishawna Pinnock, who noted our company’s role yearly in saving the lives of Jamaicans. 
 “It is through your valiant efforts lives are saved and greatly advanced. We are eternally grateful to you and our lifesavers, your staff members,” said Pinnock adding that she looks forward to the continuance of our partnership. Approximately 68 persons across the JEP Group supported the initiative by signing up as donors; however, only 49 were eligible to donate.


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