JEP Group’s COVID-19 Community Relief

Members of communities in which we operate can always rely on us for support, especially amid a crisis such as COVID-19. As soon as Jamaica confirmed its first case, the everyday life once known by our neighbours is now ‘upside-down’ due to several islandwide restrictions forced upon them by the coronavirus spread. From the closure of schools to layoffs, our community stakeholders are far more vulnerable now and burdened by the uncertainty of providing for themselves and their families.

We at JEP are grateful for the opportunity to give back, spread joy and even as we practise social distancing still maintain a strong social connection with our communities. On March 20, the JEP Group CSR team and other members of staff journeyed to Kingston Public Hospital to assemble one of four 10 x 10’ tents donated by the Company. The tent is now available outside the Outpatient Department, which serves as a comfortable triage/waiting area for patients.

The team then travelled further into Western Kingston, followed by Old Harbour Bay, to hand over rubbing alcohol and posters with critical facts/tips regarding the novel coronavirus. Afterwards, they proceeded to Mountain View to deliver food and personal hygiene packages for residents. Finally, the team visited the Warehouse of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, to present more of the much-needed items for persons in Bull Bay.

The JEP Group will continue to support our surrounding communities via information and relief supplies in any way possible.


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