Close to 500 Residents Served at Dental Fairs

Much-needed medical relief for the residents of Old Harbour Bay, Eastern and Western Kingston has been again provided by the Jamaica Energy partners Group through its annual community Dental Fairs. In November, 471 persons received access to complimentary dental examinations, cleaning and extractions. The residents also benefitted from the group’s partnership with Arm & Hammer who sponsored gift packages of toothpaste, washcloths, branded pens and baking soda.

“The JEP Group’s passion for energy is just as strong as our passion for giving back to our communities. The fact that we have been able to provide primary dental care for almost 500 Jamaicans who would otherwise not be able to afford it reminds us just how very fortunate we are to be in a position to have this impact. Our team of volunteers and partners look forward to continuing this bi-annual initiative across Eastern Kingston, Western Kingston and Old Harbour Bay for years to come.” – Wayne McKenzie, OD, President & CEO, JEP Group.

Under the theme “Creating Smiles for Life” the dental fairs remain a top priority for the group of companies despite COVID-19 and is a fundamental part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Portfolio. The health initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with dental services, improve the oral health of residents and educate them on proper dental hygiene to sustain a healthier community. JEP and WKPP commemorated five consecutive stagings in the Old Harbour Bay and Western Kingston areas on November 13 and 27 respectively, while JPPC celebrated its second staging in Eastern Kingston on November 20.

Considering the coronavirus pandemic, the group employed its ‘appointment only’ strategy to protect JEP Group employees and community members from the virus. Residents were invited to pre-register a week before the fairs, where they received appointment time cards. The CSR team implemented an SMS campaign to remind residents to be on time, travel with the relevant forms of identification and to wear a mask. This new approach inhibited unnecessary congestion at the locations, facilitated less wait-time and ensured adequate space for residents to maintain the required 6 ft social distancing. Upon entry and before entering registration/holding areas as well as the dental clinic, all residents were subject to mandatory temperature monitoring and hand sanitizing.

Customer satisfaction surveys, conducted at each event, revealed that majority of the residents were satisfied with the services; believed the appointment process was more convenient and that the company observed all COVID-19 protocols to keep them safe. The Jamaica Energy Partners Group is committed to improving the health and well-being of our neighbours. As we strive to build sustainable communities, the Group will continue to review its CSR strategies, ensuring that they align with the public health climate and suit the needs of its people.


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