Old Harbour Bay Regatta celebrates 40 years!

From boat races to cook-off competitions, the annual Old Harbour Bay regatta is one of the most anticipated events in the community.
Every August 1, residents unite for food, entertainment, and various activities. In addition to fostering good community spirit, the event uses the opportunity to showcase the local talents within the social impact area and introduce the residents to organisations like JEP, which prioritise community development. 
This year’s featured activities included fish preparation, bun-eating contests and any display of innovation about boat/fishing practices. Our President and CEO, Dr Wayne McKenzie, OD, participated in the official unveiling of a plaque honouring several fishermen who would have died at sea from the 1950s to 2022. The JEP Group pays homage to all lives lost at sea and shares its deepest sympathies with all families who have been impacted. 
‘Son of God’ won the Jamaica Energy Partners boat race and $100,000. The Company proudly supports this and other culturally inspired events to showcase Jamaica, the community and local talents. 


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