Over $17M in Student Scholarships

In April 2020, the Jamaica Energy Partners Group officially invited all university students residing in St Catherine, Western Kingston, Eastern Kingston, and Port Royal, to apply for a scholarship courtesy of its J$17 million-dollar scholarships purse. As a result of the COVID-induced school closures, this year, the Group extended the deadline to August 21, 2020.

The private power producing giant, which includes Jamaica Energy Partners, West Kingston Power Partners and Jamaica Private Power Company, recognizes the need for academic advancement to foster economic, social, and sustainable development in Jamaica. The Company remains committed to fulfilling the educational aspirations of students by laying the building blocks for those who live in the communities mentioned above. The JEP Group, therefore, offers tertiary/PEP students scholarships valuing J$250,000.00 and $35,000.00 respectively per school year, to cover tuition, books, and other educational materials. The scholarships are payable per semester and we will re-award the full amount until the completion of study, once students maintain a B+ average/3.0 GPA.

“The Jamaica Energy Partners Group understands that ‘Powering a Brighter Future’ begins with securing and actualizing the academic prospects of our youth. This year the Group celebrates 25 years of ensuring students can fulfil their academic pursuits. Since inception, education has been a pivotal part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Portfolio, and we endorse students dedicated to achieving the highest level of education. Although our scholarships focus on providing the necessary materials and resources required for students to excel, we consider all recipients members of our JEP Group family, and it is an honour to be part of their personal and professional growth.” – said Wayne McKenzie, OD, President & CEO of the JEP Group.

In 1997, JEP officially established its scholarship/grants programme for Region Six. In 2012, affiliate company, WKPP, also developed a scholarship fund to support Region One. The 60 MW power plant, Jamaica Private Power Company (JPPC) introduced its scholarships initiative in 2014, awarding a total of 50 PEP students between 2014 and 2018. Following JEP’s acquisition of the slow-speed diesel generating power-house in 2019, an additional fourteen PEP achievers received grants valuing $150,000 each. JPPC will continue to support students of Eastern Kingston and Port Royal this year, contributing a total of 6 million to the 11 million and change issued by JEP and WKPP yearly.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group postponed its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony for 2020. Nevertheless, JEP will continue to employ the digital tools available to support our potential candidates during the application and interview processes.

“The Group remains steadfast during such adverse times as, presently, our community stakeholders need us more than ever. In addition to donating care packages to those impacted, we also launched a short ‘IT’S ALL WRITE’ essay competition to offer students (10-15 years of age) a platform to share their COVID-19 experiences. We look forward to the status of our nation reverting to normalcy; however, until then, we encourage all students and parents/guardians to stay home and keep safe.” – Mr McKenzie concluded.


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