Powering Through COVID-19

A year ago, on March 20, the JEP Group commenced its partnership with our neighbouring communities to power through COVID-19. The pandemic has forcefully changed life, but we are still here for you. With over J$11m and counting, the Group continues to temper the uncertainty and fear bred by the virus and alleviate burdens due to the disruption of livelihoods and school closures.

Here’s what we have accomplished thus far:
Health & Safety

  • Communication Campaign to Educate Employees & Communities About COVID-19.
  • Over 40 gallons of Sanitiser, Bleach and Alcohol Donated.
  • Over 500 Residents Benefitted from Health & Dental Fairs.
  • Sanitizing Solutions and Masks for Maxfield Park Children’s Home


  • Over 2000 Care Packages for Students.
  • 130 tablets for Students to Attend Virtual Classes.

Health Sector

  • Furnished KPH with four 10 x 10 ft tents for its Outpatient Department.
  • Contributed Sanitisers, Thermal Guns and PPEs to St Catherine & Kingston Public Health Departments.
  • Medical Equipment and Infrastructural Upgrade – Charles Chin Loy Health Centre


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