President & CEO of Evergo, JEP Group Serves as Panellist at the 14th annual Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF)

Caribbean leaders recently united at the 14th annual Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) in Miami, Florida, to discuss the region’s clean energy transition.

President & CEO of Evergo and the Jamaica Energy Partners Group, Wayne McKenzie, OD, served as part of the esteemed panellists who span multiple industries and share the same objectives for a more sustainable future. Over the years, CREF has also served as a powerful platform for networking, bringing decision-makers together and encouraging a more centralized approach to accomplishing an equitable green transformation.

The region continues to experience challenges regarding sustainable energy systems, primarily due to its over-dependence on oil. This level of vulnerability has triggered a further increase in utility rates, leaving the Caribbean’s energy security, resilience, and diversification inching.

“Despite spiralling utility costs due to energy and supply chain disruptions, it is inspiring to see leaders and policymakers join forces to advance the clean energy transition in the Caribbean. The InterEnergy Group is committed to renewable energy development in the region and its contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Hence, our commitment to change and the foresight to see where we as a company will continue to transform the Caribbean’s energy mix.” – Wayne McKenzie, OD, President & CEO, JEP Group and Evergo.

The topics that captivated the attendees and panellists included distributed generation, electric mobility, and storage. The majority agreed that enhancing these areas would opt for a more resilient energy sector.

Streamlining regulations and alternative financing structures also came to the fore. Given the exorbitant energy costs in the region, guest speakers emphasized the urgency to invest more in green energy solutions. Also crucial is the need for more technical assistance funding and injecting capital in the early phases of green projects. Furthermore, strengthening partnerships between multilateral banks, grant providers, development banks, and foundations could provide the impetus required to achieve a renewable energy future.


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