WKPP Remains Committed to Supporting the Jamaica Society for the Blind

West Kingston Power Partners has been a longtime friend of Jamaica Society for the Blind, a non-profit organisation that seeks to support the visually impaired. 
It’s no easy task for the individuals at the helm of these NGOs, who often need help to keep the entity afloat. It’s companies like WKPP that contribute to their continued success. In July, we honoured the request for appliances to enhance the working and learning environment. Appliances include a refrigerator, a microwave and a stove. CSR Officer, Moya Mullings presented the items on behalf of the Company.
In addition to providing skills training as a means of income generation, the Society prides itself in providing adequate support to persons who would have been recently impacted by vision loss by providing the necessary tools to regain independence.
The Company intends to further its contribution and partnership with the institution in the coming months


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